The first 54 hours and Welcome!!

Hello beautiful people and welcome to the blog you all requested. Now you can live vicariously through this sailing adventure and stalk us not only on the find ship App (vjn3577 or Wanderlust V) but through occasional blog entries as well. For those of you who don’t know, the loose plan is to visit Lord Howe Island, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia with a return to Sydney in Dec 2017 so captain Andy can go back to work eventually, although plans can always change.

Andy has worked tirelessly to get the boat ready and I helped to the best of my  ability. Last week was an absolute whirlwind with replacing the rigging, going for huge shopping trips for supplies and generally hustling to do all the essential things on the to do list. Finally, on Sunday night we dropped the mooring ball in Cammeray Marina and quickly left middle harbor through the last spit bridge opening at 930 pm. So quickly in fact I took a 3 minute shower then immediately sliced my foot on the oh so sterile shower door at cammeray marina. Andy thought I was dying because I was extremely dramatic about it, but don’t worry, I’m fine and my foot is also. Anyway, we are finally on our journey and as I am learning it is as much about the journey as the destination, maybe even more so. Currently, we are in Coffs Harbour in a very rolly anchorage in the ‘outer harbour’ as the real marina is still storm damaged from June 2016.

From Sydney up to Coffs we motored/motor sailed the entire way as the bureau of meteorology couldn’t have been more wrong on the weather and wind we were hoping for. The engine works great and we got into a rhythm of watching the horizon very easily. We were lucky to have glassy seas most of the way and even saw some playful dolphins along the way. I especially enjoyed the watches at night as I kicked back with a massive 500 ml coffee, blasted some music through the headphones and kept a quiet eye on the instruments, gauges and sails (when they were up).

The sunrises greeting us each morning and the waxing huge moon at night were especially beautiful and also seeing the phosphorescence (green glowing plankton) on the water when the clouds covered the moon .

I never thought I would say this, but I can’t wait to continue our journey on the sea as the current conditions at anchor are very bumpy and we’re clearing out of customs tomorrow then onto lord howe at the first available weather window.

Stay tuned for the next update…

-Bre (& Andy)

10 thoughts on “The first 54 hours and Welcome!!

  1. Good onya guys!
    You are living the dream, I wish you all the best on such an awesome adventure!
    I hope you come home and have children and get stuck in the routine of kid pick up and drop off soon!
    I’m jealous!!👍


  2. Hello and congratulations on setting off on your adventure! Have a wonderful time. We look forward to reading your blog.
    Leisha and Greg
    Perth, WA


  3. Oh my gosh, is the best that I can come up with after reading that post, being your mom, and I don’t know who else is reading this. Being your mum my thoughts are all over the place but I will allow them then let them go and continue to think positive. I know you will be alright and your guardian angels have you in their site. I guess they looked away while you were in the shower. I am using the find ship app and I noticed you were out in the harbor some. I hope the weather does what if is supposed to do and the source becomes more accurate. Love to you both!


  4. Awesome stuff you two. Thank Bre for going to the effort in getting this Blog up. You can see that you already have a large number of family and friends that are sooo keen to follow your progress. Love your work!


  5. Love! Hope your foot’s ok and that you have a first aid kit on board…maybe even a nurse! 😜
    Sounds amazing so far. Looking forward to hearing more.


  6. Wonderful to have an opportunity to sail along with you vicariously; and to see another Reliance 44 sail in waters too distant for us. We are APOGEE. Reliance 44, hull #12, berthed on Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes in the USA. Enjoy!


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