Imminent departure Nz to Tonga

Hi Everyone,

We haven’t had anything to report over the past few weeks of biding our time in Whangarei, NZ, waiting for a cyclone free weather window, until now. We are heading off tomorrow for Tonga and depending on our average speed and whether or not we stop off at Minerva Reef, we should get to Tonga in the next 2 weeks. (This is a gross overestimation on my part, by a long shot). Andy is guesstimating about a week…We have enough food on board to not starve for many months and I’d bet money that we make it back to Sydney in November with some unopened tins of asparagus  and probably a bag of goon or two (boxed wine). 20170430_160759.jpg

We were really lucky to be holed up at the Town Basin Marina in Whangarei and we’ve been spoiled with convenience as everything is so close by.

images (8)It is easy to walk to the supermarket, the gas station and anywhere else you need to go to get anything boat related or life related.

We also were lucky enough to have great boat neighbors, (Doug & Sandra) who have spent many seasons in Nz and were extremely helpful with insider knowledge about Whangarei and the islands. They even shared a bread recipe with me that I failed at very much..I’m going with it was too cold for the bread to properly rise.file-4.jpeg They also lent us their collapsible boat bikes so we could cruise around on some trails. FB_IMG_1494550205030

It’s been an amazing 3 months in New Zealand, but we are more than ready to head for warmer climes. We are waking up early tomorrow for our last land showers and then back down the river to clear out of customs at Marsden Cove and then into the ocean again! Follow our progress on (Wanderlust V) as we will update our location regularly and the findship app isn’t nearly as accurate.

Until we post again,

Bre & Andy

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